Alec Baldwin describes the fiercely nationalistic Citizen in Barney Kiernan’s pub in the Cyclops episode. Later on, the Citizen will express his Fenian and anti-semitic views during a heated political and religious debate with Bloom.

John Lithgow reads two excerpts from the most difficult episode in Ulysses, Oxen of the Sun. In the first segment, written in the style of Charles Lamb, Bloom reflects on moments from his past, from childhood to paternity. The second passage continues in the style of Thomas de Quincey as the memories and influences of the day combine for Bloom to create an apocalyptic vision. Broadway actor T. Ryder Smith reads an excerpt written in the style of the seventeenth century poet John Milton as the drunken students chide Dedalus about his supposed sexual exploits.

Jerry Stiller reads two excerpts from Ulysses. The first, written in the style of a newspaper from the Aeolus episode, describes Leopold Bloom in the Freeman newspaper office watching the typesetters and remembering his father reading Hebrew. In an excerpt from the Lestrygonians episode, Bloom reflects on food during lunch at Davy Byrne’s Pub.

Wandering Rocks is the Homeric name given to the tenth episode of Ulysses. Joyce uses the halfway mark of the book to give us a collection of moments from the lives of the ordinary Dubliners that populate the novel. Below are three complete scenes from this episode. First comedian Marc Maron as Bloom in a bookstore glancing through erotic novels. Somewhere else in Dublin, Stephen Dedalus is also book browsing, read by the young novelist Nick McDonell. Lastly, Garrison Keillor brings us young Patrick Dignam mourning the death of his father.

Paul Dooley and Bob Odenkirk read three excerpts from Ithaca, the penultimate episode of Ulysses, accompanied by music from Tarab.

Roma Downey as the narrator and John O’Callaghan as Bloom in the Lotus Eaters episode as Bloom receives a letter from his pen pal lover addresses to him under his pseudonym Henry Flower.

Zero Boy, an astounding New York vocal acrobat, reads two excerpts from Ulysses. The first from the Hades episode, during the funeral of Paddy Dignam and the second from the Sirens episode. All sounds affects heard in these two excerpts are from Zero Boy’s own voice.