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Radio Bloomsday is our annual 7 hour broadcast of excerpts of Ulysses read by talented actors such as Alec Baldwin, John Lithgow, Jerry Stiller, Garrison Keillor, Wallace Shawn, Anne Enright, Bob Dishy, Anne Meara, Pulitzer-prize-winning poet Paul Muldoon and our director Caraid O’Brien as Molly Bloom. Radio Bloomsday can be heard every year on 16 June on WBAI 99.5 FM in New York and Listen to our Radio Bloomsday Soundscape to hear a one minute montage played at the top of every hour. Excerpts from past broadcasts can be heard here.



Bloomsday is celebrated every year on 16 June, the day in 1904 on which Ulysses takes place. It is thought that Joyce chose the day on which he took his first walk with his future wife Nora Barnacle and his model for Molly Bloom. The day of celebration is named for the protagonist of the book, Leopold Bloom and is celebrated internationally. The first Bloomsday celebration in Ireland was in 1954, fifty years after Ulysses takes place and 32 years after its publication. An essay detailing the history of Bloomsday by Distinguished University Professor Michael Groden can be found on the Origins of Bloomsday.

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photographer: Louie Correia

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